Metabolic Cooking Review – Is it Legit or another Scam?

Kathleen photoHi everyone,

I am Kathleen and along with my friend, supporter and loving husband, I created this website to share my opinion and review about Metabolic Cooking.

Don’t think this will be another review that you have read from other sites.

Unfortunately, many people write review about the product without testing it and even some of them pay few bucks to someone else to write for them. But, this review is going to be different. Me and my husband cooking these recipes that explained inside Metabolic Cookbooks and I hope our opinion will help you in making your buying decision.

Let’s start…

Before starting my review, I like to ask a very important question from you…

Do you want to accelerate your fat loss by getting rid of boring diet?

If you answer yes to this question then don’t look further because Metabolic Cooking is for you. Now, you can get rid of tasteless, boring and ineffective diet with tasty, delicious and fat-torching recipes.

Nutrition plays important role in weight loss journey and even some fitness experts consider nutrition as 80% of weight loss. It does not matter how many hours you spend inside GYM by doing weight lifting, cycling and/or circuit training, if your diet is not right then you will not see any results.

What is Metabolic Cooking?

Metabolic CookingIt is the collection of nine cookbooks designed for people that want to maximize their fat loss and boost metabolic process. These cookbooks designed with maximize fat loss in mind and consist of fat burning foods that super-charge the metabolism and speed up the process of burning fat.

Unlike other cookbooks, Metabolic Cooking does not include low-calorie food instead it contain fat burning and metabolic boosting foods that make recipes delicious and burn fat inside your body.

Even the ingredients that are used inside these cookbooks are easily available in any market and they are less-expensive than the cost of pizza itself. These metabolic cooking recipes do not need you to spend hours and hours inside the kitchen and you can prepare these recipes even if you don’t have much experience in cooking.

These metabolic-boosting cookbooks contain 250+ fat-torching recipes that give you new, fresh and something that will work for a change. Most of other so-called “healthy cookbook” consist of low-calories food which reduces the metabolic process and also hamper your weight loss process but, in these 250 fat-torching recipes you will find fat burning foods that start burning fat more quickly than ever.

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About the Authors:

Metabolic Cooking Cookbooks are prepared and designed by two well known and respected fitness chefs Dave Ruel and Karine Losier.

Karine Losier and Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel:

Dave is the well known and respected fitness cook in North America. He believes the process of weight loss and muscle building starts inside kitchen. With Dave approach you will never dieting instead you are eating healthy because you love it.

Dave also has large background of helping men and women in fat loss and muscle building. He is the great learner and always brings new and innovative ideas to cook healthy food that speed up the process of burning fat and building muscles.

Karine Losier:

Popularly known as “Lean Kitchen Queen” and has great passion for food, fitness and health. She loves eating tasty and delicious meals but she also has passion for fitness that is why she prepares recipes that are delicious and burn fat inside the body.

Karine is not just a bubbly little chef, she holds master degree in psychology and during her education career she talked with lots of men and women and know what psychological problems people faced during their fat loss journey.

The duo of Dave and Karine are simply unstoppable in the kitchen and they both always come up with new, fresh and fat-torching recipes that help males to burn fat by building muscles and help females to get lean and sexy physique.

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What you learn inside these Metabolism-Boosting Cookbooks:

  • “250 Fat-Torching Recipes” – All these recipes are delicious, easy-to-prepare and quick that consist of ingredients that turbo-charged metabolism and speed up the process of burning fat
  • “Fat Burning Foods Secrets” – Dave and Karine designed list of fat burning foods especially for those people that want to lose weight by building attractive muscles. These fat burning foods list will open up your eyes and tell you secret that most fitness pros hiding from you.
  • “Custom Fat Loss Plan” – Dave and Karine will teach you how you can create your own fat loss meal plan which suits your needs and they also explain you how to modify and adhere with your personal fat loss plan.
  • “Cooking and Nutrition Rules” – With the help of these 10 cooking and nutrition rules you can maximize your fat loss process and able to turbo-charge your metabolism anytime you want.
  • “Fat-Loss Non-Stop” – Karine will tell you how to eat and when you eat to make sure your body fat burn continuously all though the day even when you are watching TV, sleeping and enjoying with your friends and family.
  • “Prepare Food in Budget” – Dave explained how you can manage your kitchen and cook food more quickly than ever and also revealed his trick for purchasing grocery that will save your money.
  • “Built-in Nutrition System” – All though these Metabolic Cookbooks, Dave and Karine using custom Nutri-Profile which explained you what nutrition you’re taking. With this Nutri-Profile you will easily manage your nutrition in-take and are able to transforms your body into ‘24/7 fat burning machine’. Take a look at below image to understand it better.


10 Free Sample Fat-Torching Recipes:

I am sure you want to get your hands on some sample recipes before making your final decision. That’s why you can download 10 free sample fat-torching recipes file below



Metabolic cooking reviewsIf you are food lover like me who always want to try new, fresh and delicious recipes then you will find difficulty in finding right recipe as there is no search bar. In beginning the list of 250 recipes make you overwhelming with lots of information but as you start reading you will find it easy to find recipes design cookbook.

Another drawback is lack of pictures. Many recipes contain pictures but few recipes do not have final picture which leave you wondering about the final look of the recipe.

Final Verdict:

Metabolic Cooking comes as a complete package which include 9-set of cookbooks, fat loss optimizer guide, metabolic-boosting salad dressings, thermo-charged seasoning guide and metabolic quick sheets at one-time payment of $47. If you are looking for recipes that speed up the process of fat burning then Metabolic Cookbook is the right answer for you.

Don’t forget Dave and Karine also offering 60-days ‘No Question” asked full-money back guarantee because they want you to give it a try totally risk-free for 60 days.

In the end I like to say, I am really impressed with the work Dave and Karine did by creating fat-burning recipes cookbooks that are totally worth every penny and with the money-back guarantee you have no-risk it trying it out.

Give it a try… And you will be happy with your decision

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